YOU’RE FIRED! Twitter Snowflakes In PANIC As Trump Ban Reversal EMINENT Following Musk’s Hostile Takeover

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Twitter employees are up in arms after the company’s board of directors agreed to sell the social media platform to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Rumors are already swirling about massive layoffs that will need to take place in order to make room for the automotive visionary…. And the reinstatement of Donald J Trump.

MediaIte reports, Twitter employees voiced their grievances after Elon Musk said he’s finally buying the social media platform.

This is not the first time Twitter employees have protested the sale. One employee referred to Musk as an “angry triggered billionaire” on the app Blind, where employees can post anonymously about companies.

In the opinion of most critics, unfettered free speech without moderation can incite violence and harm.

MarketWatch noted, it is Musk’s desire to unwind permanent bans on all accounts except spam accounts and those that explicitly promote violence. Although it may be argued that ex-President Donald Trump falls within one of those parameters, Musk said the ban “was morally wrong and flat out stupid.”

The Satirical prophets at the Babylon Bee nailed it once again giving us their vision of what is happening at twitter right now.

Liberal pundits have reacted with horror at the prospect of Elon Musk buying the entire company.

Joy Reid made this hot take comparing Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase to apartheid in South Africa.

A popular anonymous Twitter employee forum, Blind, was abuzz on Tuesday amid reports about Musk’s reversal. According to screenshots provided to CNN by a Twitter employee, the forum’s reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

“Cue the layoffs,” one comment said. Other employees expressed concern that Musk would roll back Twitter’s benefits package, including severance.

“Living the plot of Succession is fucking exhausting,” tweeted Twitter’s director of machine learning ethics, transparency, and accountability Rumman Chowdhury.

“So we’ve got an angry triggered billionaire going to own us, who’s looking for vengeance, the worst financial market in years; hiring freezes everywhere. Q4 is looking great,” an app user wrote.

An employee of Twitter also wrote on the app. “Am worried not so much about the Elon takeover and the consequences in the workplace, more so that he will turn this platform into a political weapon for harassing everybody, some behavior he is already exhibiting this week,”

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