BLOCKED: Biden Secret Service HIDING Critical Log For The Public – Why?

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Imagine we live in a country where our elected officials work for us, and that when the American people request information to see some of the details about secret workings, at locations where the leader of the free world is spending 25% of his time, we get a response in a timely manner with the information we asked for. That is how America should work, the elected officials are each and every one of our employees. Not the other way around. Now a shocking report has come out that the secret service has denied producing information that is routine in any other administration.

Western Journal reports. According to the New York Post, the Secret Service has dismissed two Freedom of Information Act requests from the outlet for records of who has visited the president during his frequent days away from the White House at his residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The most recent answer from the agency came Sept. 27, the Post reported. The Post made its first request — and got its first denial — in April.

Secret Service Deputy Director Faron Panamore wrote ““This search also produced no responsive records, Accordingly, your appeal is denied.” The wording is important there. Paramore didn’t say there were no records, only that there were no “responsive records,” meaning records that fell under the parameters of the Freedom of Information Act.

No records were kept of the Biden homesteads’ comings and goings, which is simply unfathomable. On Biden’s days off, the agency that protects the president, his family, and top government officials knows damn well who visits him. It’s just not going to tell the American people.

In other words: Pound Sand.

But how much time does Biden spend at his get a way locations?

The New York Post reports, During his first year as president, Biden spent about 28% of his time in Delaware, largely hidden from the public eye. In his second year as president, he has spent almost as much time in Delaware as he did in his first year.

In recent decades, transparency advocates of all political stripes have fought in court to identify presidential influencers, arguing that the public needs to know who shapes government policy. In contrast, Biden’s detractors point out that he met with his family’s influence-seeking international business partners before taking office, and question whether that has continued.

Congressional Republicans are vowing to aggressively pursue transparency, including with regard to Biden’s link to his family’s consulting businesses, if they retake control of one or both chambers in the November midterm elections.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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