Busted: New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell FORCED To Pay Back Funds She Stole

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You can’t make this stuff up. Yet another scandal for New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell. This time she is in hot water for embezzling funds from tax payers to pay for her luxurious travel expenses.

Breitbart reports. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) confirmed that she would pay the city back after it was revealed she used taxpayer dollars to spend approximately $30,000 on multiple first-class flight upgrades.

The announcement comes after a city attorney investigation determined that the scandal-plagued Democrat mayor is a “city employee,” which requires her to abide by a policy that all New Orleans employees must seek the lowest airfare possible or reimburse the city for luxury accommodations.

When Cantrell was asked why she needed to fly first class, our team here laughed out loud at her response.

Cantrell tried to justify her pricey travel expenses on separate trips to France, Switzerland, and various cities across the U.S. by claiming that it is not safe for black women to fly in economy.

Seriously? That is one of the wokest answers to theft we have heard.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell is not a stranger when it comes to public outrage at her administration’s actions.

Next news network previously reported. A recall petition has been filed in Baton Rouge state offices against Mayor LaToya Cantrell. Eileen Carter and Beldon “Noonie Man” Batiste, a former mayoral candidate, filed the recall petition on Friday, according to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office. According to a social media post from the mayor’s office on March 5, 2021, Carter held a position in her administration as a social media manager for the City of New Orleans. The filing comes after the mayor comes under fire from critics for responses to recent issues involving violent crime in the city and questions regarding travel and expenses to taxpayers as a result of those trips.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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