LOLZ: Dem AZ Governor Candidate Stumped When Asked One Simple Question

LOLZ: Dem AZ Governor Candidate Stumped When Asked One Simple Question
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Running for office can be extremely difficult. Remember that time in school when you had to speak in front of the class and you almost got sick from the anxiety. Now imagine doing that every day, and having countless people pick apart everything you do, say and wear. For some politicians it becomes second nature. For others like Katie Hobbs, it is a train wreck.

Daily caller writes. Democratic Arizona gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs was stumped during a Monday forum after a Hispanic moderator asked her to name one specific lesson she has learned from Latinos.

During the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Forum in Phoenix, Arizona, each candidate received questions without their opponent on stage with them. Mexican journalist León Krauze, who works as an anchor for the Spanish-language news outlet Univision, asked Hobbs about what she has specifically learned from the Latino community.

I almost feel bad for her as she struggles to even come up with a coherent thought. Where was her mind on it, funny tho.

Meanwhile Kari Lake the Republican running for office, has no problem with the public eye.

Next news network previously reported. Things are heating up in Arizona as Republican Kari Lake squares off against Democrat Katie Hobbs. The gubernatorial campaign for Arizona Republican Kari Lake has released its first ad, which highlights the candidate’s backstory and her decades as an Arizona news anchor. The ad entitled “Origin Story,” seen below, is set to air in the Phoenix area as “part of a significant six-figure ad buy” and will be accompanied by more advertisements in the coming days, according to an email release from her campaign.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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