CNN PURGE: Another Anchor Ordered To Take A Personal Leave

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It appears that almost weekly now CNN is making major moves to purge the staff that has caused its massive ratings failure. CNN has just made another MAJOR move.

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The epic of the failing QUOTE “news network” continues. After the terminations of Brian Stelter, Chirs Cuomo, Don Lemon and others, it appears that yet another CNN anchor is on the chopping block. This time they are using the phrase Personal Leave.

Washington Examiner reports. In response to a “personal situation,” CNN Newsroom anchor Jim Sciutto has been ordered to take a “personal leave.”

Monday was Sciutto’s last appearance on the Newsroom. His leave is reportedly related to a “serious fall” he took in Amsterdam earlier this year.  According to the Daily Beast’s Confider, Sciutto and his producer stopped in the Dutch capital on their way home from reporting on the Ukraine war earlier this year. A CNN internal investigation was launched after Sciutto was reported to have recovered from the incident.

Sciutto regularly appeared as the co-anchor of CNN’s Newsroom alongside Poppy Harlow. He also worked as the network’s chief national security reporter while writing online articles. Sciutto’s last article was published on Oct. 3.

Neither Sciutto nor CNN has publicly commented on the situation.

This news comes after the recent massive downgrade for one of CNN’s most famous tv personalities.

Next News Network reported. CNN’s new CEO, announced Thursday that the network would remove Don Lemon from his prime-time slot and cancel Don Lemon Tonight.

Lemon is getting off easier than Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo and John Harwood who all were recently shown the door. Apparently Licht thinks he can turn him from the Dark Side believing there is still good in him.

Lemon will join White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins and anchor Poppy Harlow in a new morning show as the network tries to retain viewers.

So the Purge at CNN continues. We should maybe host a bingo for CNN terminations, maybe give out some merch to those who get their CNN bingo cards filled up! Regardless, it is heartwarming to see all these WOKE Lefties get their jobs canceled for misleading the American people.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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