MSNBC’s Joy Reid DESTROYED By DeSantis Team – WOW

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Ron Desantis and his team continually think of ways to EPICALLY troll the left. This time they hit it out of the park on Twitter.

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Ron Desantis has one of the best social media, and messaging teams there is. This time they TROLL Joy Reid in a way that is just beyond hilarious.

Trending politics writes. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ deputy press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, is an utter Twitter maestro that managed to hilariously humiliate MSNBC host Joy Reid. How so? By releasing an email screenshot that not only revealed that someone on far-left Joy Reid’s staff tried reaching out to Governor DeSantis and “touch base,” but that her outreach effort was rejected out of hand by DeSantis’ savage team.

That came after Reid mocked Governor DeSantis’ expression from a joint press conference he did with President Joe Biden regarding the relief effort for Hurricane Ian.

Watch the expressions on his face, he did a better job than most of us would have. Clip1>> 

Slapping back after Reid mocked DeSantis, deputy press secretary Redfern released the email screenshot and humiliated Reid, taunting her with the outright rejection.

After news outlets reached out to Team Desantis about the rejection, they replied. 

Despite her team appearing to seek a conciliatory correspondence with the governor’s office, Reid herself has been smearing DeSantis. Only last week, she attacked him for warning looters that Second Amendment-supporting Floridians would not take too kindly to them breaking into their damaged homes.

Reid claimed DeSantis’ warning was similar to racist threats made by segregation-era law enforcement officers against African Americans.

It shouldn’t be shocking that the left has such open hostility towards Desantis, after all he is running circles around other Liberal mayors and Governors, and has a field day with the liberal press. 

Next News Network reported. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida said during a Tuesday morning news conference that three of the four people arrested on charges of looting were illegally residing in the United States. Lee County sheriff’s deputies arrested Omar Mejia Ortiz, Valerie Celeste Salcedo Mena, Brandon Mauricio Araya and Stephen Eduardo Sanchez Araya, Western Journal reported. Ortiz faces a petit larceny charge, while the other three face charges of grand larceny.

Lets Watch.

Joy Reid may be popular on the left, but it is clear that her media team is by no stretch of the imagination as good as Desantis and team. They spun them around and dropped them back on their rear ends. Cannot wait to see Desnatis’s teams next move.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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