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 With the gas prices rising – yet again, there is quite a bit of finger pointing. Yet the fact remains Biden is screwing America.

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Domestic oil production has been cut to historic lows On top of that Biden is draining the Strategic Oil Reserves ahead of what could possibly be World War 3. Now a Democrat Rep is attempting to make it seem like he is asking Biden to do something drastic to increase domestic supplies of oil.

Daily Caller reports. Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto pressed Democratic Illinois Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi on Thursday about the recent uptick in gas prices.

Cavuto asked Krishnamoorthi about who should take responsibility for the rise in gas prices in states across the country, as the national average price per gallon of regular gasoline rose from $3.78 one week ago to just under $3.87 on Oct. 6, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Let’s Watch his response.

This news is following Biden’s recent meeting with OPEC members.

Next News Network reported. A panel of OPEC+ energy ministers agreed on Wednesday to recommend a historically large cut in oil production, a stinging rebuke to the Biden administration that will likely raise gas prices.

According to Breitbart, in Vienna, the Saudi Arabian-led alliance, which includes Russia, is negotiating the biggest production cut since the pandemic began.

The Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee of the cartel recommended reducing the group’s overall production by two million barrels per day.

We hope that it is possible that the Illinois Rep can get through to Biden on producing more oil here at home, but with all the crazy leftists in the Biden administration it is unlikely that they will change course on the admins plans.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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