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The United States Military is the best the world has ever known, but it is struggling with one critical metric that is critical to the nations defense.

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For years the numbers of new recruits coming into the armed forces has been declining, with various reasons to blame, but now it is making American security begin to weaken.

Fox news writes. The U.S. Army came 15,000 soldiers short of meeting its 2022 recruiting goals, making the year the worst on record since the services switched to an all-volunteer force nearly 50 years ago. In the 2022 fiscal year, the Army bought in 45,000 new soldiers, falling 25% short of its 60,000 goal. Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy all suffered recruiting challenges that forced them to dig into their pools of delayed entry program recruits that pushed them behind on their recruiting goals for 2023, even though it was the only branch that did not meet its recruitment goals for the year.

The Marines, a branch that typically enters the new recruiting year with 50% of its recruiting goals for the year already met, enters 2023 having only met roughly 30% of its target. The Air Force, which usually has roughly 25% of its target met when the new fiscal year begins, is down to 10%, a number it shares with the Navy.

Many speculate the cause for the failure to recruit new members into the military is due to rampant wokeness.

Next news Network Reports. With a new ad campaign, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls out the detrimental effects of radical leftism on national defense and military readiness in the U.S. military. hroughout the ad, Pompeo reflects on his experiences leading “some of America’s finest” and expresses his concern that the Biden administration will push woke theories on American soldiers and threaten the national security of the country. 

Pompeo’s CAV Fund is also launching a project titled Troops Speak Out, which asks “service members, veterans, and all Americans to share how ‘woke’ ideology has impacted their lives.”

Woke Ideology has no business in the military. The purpose of the military is to break stuff and protect freedom. End of story.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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