American Federation of Teachers Union Leader Is WHERE?

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While children in the United States are still seeing restrictions at schools, the American Federation of Teachers President is out touring a war zone.

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Randi Weingarten has faced a massive amount of due criticism of her actions over the last 3 years during the pandemic. From draconian restrictions to flat out refusing to have children go to class because it was easier for teachers to sit at home. Now Weingarten is touring the most unlikely of places. Ukraine.

Townhall Reports. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, the woman who lobbied the CDC to keep children out of U.S. public schools for more than a year, is spending her time this week in Ukraine. But why would the AFT president of American teachers be in Ukraine? She stated that she was “assessing” the situation for the children’s sake and to help with learning in the country during war time.

Weingarten stated in a tweet “Woke up this am to reports of disgusting Russian missile strikes in Kyiv, Lviv & other cities.Heading to the border now to assess the situation. This Russian attempt to frighten civilians & the effect on children (who are learning online today) is why this Ukraine trip is so important”

She then tweeted that she was crossing into Ukraine. 

Bridge. But the internet was quick to remind Weingarten that for all of her “intelligence” she was forced to delete a number of Tweets and messed up pretty bad earlier this year.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine earlier this year AFT, at the direction of Weingarten, had a number of Ukrainian flag posters printed. The problem? They had the wrong flag. After pushing the posters on social media, they had to delete a number of tweets.\

Weingarten can be seen holding an upside down version of the Ukrainian Flag,

The AFLCIO got busted photoshopping their pictures with the posters provided by Weingarten.

Matt Whitlock, a blue check on twitter tweeted “In Ukraine, kids got stuck with extended remote learning because of an actual war. 

In America kids got stuck with extended remote learning because of Randi Weingarten.

The AFT president should be focusing on getting our children back to grade level reading, back in schools and changing the failing policies her union puts out. The lack of focus to virtue signal to the world, is only harming America

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Next News Network Team

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