CAUGHT ON TAPE: Med Students INDOCTRINATED With Bizarre Oath to Wokeism

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In this report, you’re going to see something that will make you question the direction of the world we live in. Med students are being indoctrinated with a bizarre oath to Wokism and it’s all caught on tape. It feels like a cult ritual and these students are being brainwashed into joining it.

Outkick reports, Most nonsensical woke virtue signaling is infuriating and damaging socially, but it rarely poses a physical threat. However, that was before wokeness infected medicine. Politics should not be put above medicine by doctors or future doctors. However, a sense of unearned superiority generated by leftist ideologies is able to overcome anything. The woke movement is taking over a field that is supposed to be factual, scientific, evidence-based, and have a longstanding code of ethics.

As reported by the Daily Mail, incoming medical students at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine recently made a pledge to “honor all Indigenous ways of healing.” Including methods that are “historically marginalized by Western medicine.”

Not only that, but there’s more. “White supremacy, colonialism, and gender binary” are issues they pledge to combat as medical students.

Daily Wire reports, A closing address was given by the vice dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion who once said her motto was “logic doesn’t live here.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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