Sanctuary City IMPLODES after Getting Exactly What it Asked For

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After declaring itself a sanctuary city, NYC is scrambling to house record numbers of the homeless, which include a large percentage of illegal aliens. This report breaks down the numbers and dives into exactly how bad the situation is in the Empire State.

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A growing number of migrants are entering New York City, increasing the homeless shelter population.

The Daily Wire writes, according to the Department of Homeless Services’ latest statistics released on Tuesday, 62,556 people were registered in the shelter system in the city, breaking its previous record set in 2019.

In addition to 11,960 families with children making up nearly 38,000 homeless people, there were also 19,998 single adults. According to the report, there were 15,558 men and 4,440 women among single adults. Numbers do not include unsheltered homeless in the city.

According to the city, the number of asylum seekers entering the city has increased to 18,600 as of Monday. The Row hotel in Manhattan has opened a temporary humanitarian relief center to initially serve 200 families, with the potential to serve additional families in the weeks to come.

There have been 46 hotels serving as emergency shelters across the city. An emergency response and relief center for adults is expected to open soon on Randall’s Island. 500 adults will be accommodated in tents on Randall’s Island.

Here’s video footage of the center being constructed on Randall’s Island.

As Next news network previously reported, the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, declared a state of emergency last Friday, saying that his city was not prepared for the influx of illegal immigrants arriving by bus from Texas. 

However, In spite of Mayor Eric Adams’ state of emergency declaration, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott plans to continue to ship migrants to New York City.

On Friday, Governor Abbott wrote on Twitter, “Sanctuary cities like New York City experience a fraction of what Texas border communities face every day. We’ll continue busing migrants to NYC, DC, & Chicago to relieve our overwhelmed border towns until [President Joe] Biden does his job to secure the border.”

After NYC announced that it was a sanctuary city, the recent influx of illegal immigrants has strained the city’s resources. The homeless shelter population has increased by double digits, and the number of illegals in the city is growing every day. While the city is struggling to provide basic services for its citizens, it is also spending millions of dollars on illegals who have no right to be here. The border crisis is out of control, and the lack of border security is only making matters worse. It’s time for the federal government to step in and address this growing problem. Otherwise, every American city will soon be burdened by the influx of illegal immigrants after the “sanctuary” ones become too flooded.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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