SHOCK VIDEO CATCHES Dem Candidate Katie Hobbs cowering in bathroom after being exposed by Veritas

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This is unbelievable. Just released by Project Veritas, shocking new video shows the Democrat gubernatorial candidate cowering in a bathroom after being confronted about her corruption. She was caught red-handed and now she’s trying to hide from the public. This is a disgrace.

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The governor’s race in Arizona is full of tension and is heating up with weeks to go before election day. Normally candidates want to have face time with the public and defend their positions, yet Katie Hobbs just wants to run away. 

Western Journal writes. A sting team from Project Veritas confronted the Democratic candidate for Arizona governor in a video released Wednesday. Katie Hobbs fled when Project Veritas Action Press Secretary R.C. Maxwell approached her at a Phoenix restaurant. Hobbs said, “Oh, my God,” as if the presence of a camera in her face amounted to an existential crisis. Maxwell wanted to know why Hobbs was unwilling to discuss policy and governance – Project Veritas had previously recorded Hobbs saying she disliked public debate.

Footage included in the video appears to reveal an AR-15-style rifle in a car used for Hobbs’ personal transportation, even though she wants a federal assault weapons ban.

Lets watch this incredible footage

Meanwhile Katie Hobbs’s political opponent Kari Lake has no issue talking to the public.

Next news Network reported. The gubernatorial campaign for Arizona Republican Kari Lake has released its first ad, which highlights the candidate’s backstory and her decades as an Arizona news anchor.

The ad entitled “Origin Story,” seen below, is set to air in the Phoenix area as “part of a significant six-figure ad buy” and will be accompanied by more advertisements in the coming days, according to an email release from her campaign.

Hobbs should just quit now and save us all the trouble of exposing her corruption in November. This latest video from Project Veritas shows us just how unfit Hobbs is for public office. She’s clearly not able to handle a little questioning and it’s obvious she was caught red-handed trying to cover up her misdeeds. It’s time for Hobbs to step aside and let Kari Lake take over because we need a governor who isn’t afraid to face the public and answer for their actions. The red wave is coming, and it’s up to us to get out the vote and expose all the crooks like Hobbs who think they can get away with anything. We deserve better leadership in our state, and Hobbs is certainly not the right person for the job. Let’s make sure she gets the message and steps down before November.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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