WORST EVER! You Won’t Believe What This Minnesota Rep. Said In The Debate

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 In a stunning display of ignorance, Minnesota Rep. makes what may be the most brutal debate gaffe ever.

Angie Craig is a representative for the state of Minnesota and he may have just made the biggest blunder of her career. In a recent debate Angie Craig displayed an appalling lack of empathy on the subject and managed to shock both Republicans and Democrats in the process.

Daily wire reports. There is no possible way she meant to say what she did. Democratic Rep. Angie Craig, running for her third term representing Minnesota’s second Congressional district, committed a gaffe for the ages in her debate Thursday morning against Republican challenger Tyler Kistner.

You have to see this

This election is a rematch from the 2020 cycle.

CBS News reports.  One of the most coveted seats in Congress is up for grabs southwest of the Twin Cities, and the outcome could determine who controls the US House of Representatives.

Minnesota’s Second Congressional District rematch between DFL incumbent Angie Craig and GOP challenger Tyler Kistner is among the most competitive in the country. According to the Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan group that analyzes elections, it is among just 30 “toss-up” races in the country.

Craig narrowly beat Kistner in 2020 by two points – under 10,000 votes. The race is drawing national attention and cash.

What a stunning display of ignorance, Minnesota Rep. made in what may be the most historic debate gaffes ever. How embarrassing for Representative Craig! In the heat of the debate, she showed a complete lack of empathy and made a terrible mistake. There is no excuse for her ignorant comment – it’s time for her to be voted out in favor of someone who will actually represent Minnesota with respect and understanding. And this blunder just adds fuel to the fire for the Republican red wave coming in November. It’s time for change, and Craig’s gaffe only confirms the need for new leadership. Let’s not let someone like her represent the people any longer. It’s time for her to go, and Kistner needs to use this as an opportunity to bring about that change.

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