Fetterman’s health is continuing to decline and The View isn’t backing down

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 John Fetterman is a health disaster and the Democrats know it, America knows it and he knows it.

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John Fetterman is a health disaster and the Democrats know it. In this video, we’re going to take a look at some of the most outrageous things they’ve said in order to try and defend his terrible health record. Stay tuned.

Big league politics writes. Since Fetterman’s stroke, his campaign has been riddled with gaffs and flat-out oddities. It has been so bad on some occasions that Fetterman’s critics have claimed he is unfit for office. His withdrawal from the race should be encouraged by Democrats.

That won’t happen, of course. Instead, Democrats are gaslighting Americans over Fetterman’s well-founded health concerns. The left defended Fetterman no matter what feels like the Joe Biden presidency all over again. 

Everything is being done to get a blue rubber stamp after midterms in DC.

The women of The View doubled down on their defense of Fetterman, claiming that the NBC reporter, herself, is just bad at small talk.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg defend Fetterman’s refusal to release his medical records.

Things are so bad with Fetterman that he needs a special device to communicate. 

Next News network reported. In recent weeks, polls have shown Fetterman’s race against Republican challenger Dr Mehmet Oz tightening as a result of issues ranging from Fetterman’s health to his softer stances on crime to questions about his authenticity, with critics saying he portrays a fake blue-collar image.

As early voting has already begun in the state, Fetterman has not yet debated Oz, despite significant pressure from the Left.

Here’s Fetterman during the interview when pressed on his condition and if voters deserve to see his medical records or not.


The Democrats have officially hit a new low with their support for John Fetterman, a man who is obviously struggling with poor health and would be unable to fulfill his duties as Senator. They are in complete denial about the severity of his condition, and they will seemingly do whatever it takes to win the election – even if that means brushing aside the fact that they are allowing a sick man to run for office. The women on The View are particularly guilty of this gaslighting behavior, as they continue to defend Fetterman’s declining health and dismiss valid concerns raised by critics. It’s truly despicable how they will stoop to such unethical tactics in order to achieve their political goals. But hey, at least they’ll finally get their much-deserved punishment come November when the red wave sweeps them out of power. Their lies and malicious agenda can no longer hide the truth: they are evil to the core.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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