BREAKING: Oregon Conservatives Announce Plan to Secede From Their Liberal Hell Hole!

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Oregon conservatives and people of all stripes are sick and tired of the insane leftist ideals, rampant crime, and homelessness and they are doing something about it .

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The movement from some Oregon conservatives to push to secede and join the adjacent conservative state of Idaho is heating up.

Daily wire reports. Nine counties in eastern Oregon have already indicated their support for redrawing Oregon’s borders; two more counties have pending votes urging legislators to take such a step.


The Oregon and Idaho legislatures, as well as the US Congress, must approve the secession move, which started three years ago.

Oregon’s west side, which includes Portland, Eugene and Bend, leans heavily leftward, while the rest of the state is conservative.

Next News network reported. the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics moved its Crystal Ball rating for the Oregon gubernatorial race from “Leans Democratic” to “Toss-Up,” suggesting a Republican victory.

Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Kansas, and most recently, Oregon, have toss-up governorships. As Drazan Communications Director John Burke told The Daily Wire, “Oregon’s gubernatorial race is the best pickup opportunity for Republicans in the country this year because Christine Drazan is the best candidate.” Christine is well positioned to win and make history this November, as evidenced by this rating change and the multiple polls showing her leading both of her Democrat opponents..”

In Oregon, Republicans have not won a gubernatorial election since 1982, according to the Center.

The decision to secede from the liberal hellhole of Oregon is a victory for conservatives. It’s about time they stand up against everything “woke” and reject the insane policies being put forth by their state. Joining forces with neighboring Idaho, a state that shares similar conservative values, is a no-brainer. The liberal progressives will no doubt be triggered by this move, but who cares about their outrage when it means escaping their oppressive agenda? Eastern Oregonians are ready for a fresh start in an environment where everything isn’t turned to shit by the left’s ridiculous policies. They are ready to leave an appalling situation behind and thrive under better leadership in Idaho. This secession is just the latest example of conservatives fighting back against liberal extremism, and it won’t be the last. It’s time for more Americans to follow suit and break free from liberal control.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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