WATCH the SHOCKING moment JD Vance DEMOLISHES Tim Ryan in final Ohio Senate debate

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Last night, JD Vance destroyed Tim Ryan in the final Ohio Senate debate. It was a commanding performance from the rising conservative star, and it showed that he is more than ready to take on Ryan in November. Ryan was left grasping for answers as Vance slammed him on his tax hikes, support for sanctuary cities, and record of corruption. This was a major victory for the Republicans, and it confirms that JD Vance is their best hope for taking the Senate seat in Ohio.

Trump-backed JD Vance on Monday evening squared off with Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio for the pair’s final Senate debate before voters head to the polls.

During the debate, a question about the 40-year high inflation was asked, and Republican candidate JD Vance had a golden response.

Vance noted that the inflation is so out of control because of policies proposed, backed, and signed by Democrats like Joe Biden and Tim Ryan.

Last week, the two candidates engaged in heated exchanges on topics ranging from abortion to foreign policy in their first debate in Cleveland.

During that debate, JD Vance pointed out that his opponent represents a congressional district that has lost 50,000 jobs just in his time in office.

Vance also called Ryan out for how focused he is on January 6th while his constituents are having trouble buying groceries, paying for gas, and even walking down the street safely due to policies coming out of his own democrat party.

And, in response to Ryan’s point that an underage girl raped had to travel to Indiana for the abortion procedure, Vance turned to slam Ryan’s record on border security, arguing that stronger borders would have prevented the tragedy because the girl was raped by an illegal alien.

According to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey released on Monday, 47% of likely Ohio voters would vote for Republican J.D. Vance over 45% for Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan.

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