White House Confronted on Fetterman’s Failing Health – Their Answer PROVES Our Greatest Fears

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The White House was recently confronted about the failing health of Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. When asked about Fetterman’s health, a spokesperson for the White House simply replied “he is very much capable.” This answer has only raised more questions about Fetterman’s condition and what is really going on. It appears that the White House is trying to brush this off as no big deal, but we all know that Fetterman is not in good shape. We need to demand answers from the White House about what is happening with Fetterman’s health.

Townhall writes, During a press conference at the White House Monday afternoon, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre reiterated President Joe Biden’s support for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s campaign to become the next senator from Pennsylvania.

During the summer, Fetterman suffered a stroke that “nearly killed him.” His medical records have not been released.

This comes after we reported that Fetterman had to read questions from NBC News from a computer screen during his interview with the news outlet just one week ago.

The NBC reporter noted that Fetterman had difficulty speaking and “failed to find words.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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