Let them Freeze to Death: Bill Gates Gives SICK Answer regarding European Energy Crisis

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Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the energy crisis in Europe. People may freeze to death because they can’t afford to pay their energy bills. When asked about the situation, Bill Gates had a pretty sick response.

That’s right Europeans may not be able to afford heating their homes this winter, and may experience freezing blackouts, but Bill Gates has declared that the energy crisis will ultimately prove beneficial.

“People did get a little optimistic about how quickly the transition could be achieved,” Gates said on CNBC, referring to his Breakthrough Energy Ventures climate-technology investment firm, as reported by Summit News.

Gates published a report on Tuesday called “State of the Energy Transition,” in which he declared that countries like the United States who have prospered by burning fossil fuels should move towards completely decarbonizing all sectors of the economy.

In his report, he writes, “Many countries in Europe and North America filled the atmosphere with carbon to achieve prosperity, and it is both unrealistic and unfair to expect everyone else to forgo a more comfortable life because that carbon turned out to change the climate.”

He added, “I don’t think the market by itself can press reset on an entire economy in just a few decades,” adding “We need a plan to speed the process up.”

This all comes as British households are being told to prepare for blackouts on cold days during January and February and major news organizations like BBC are creating secret scripts that could be read on air if energy shortages cause blackouts or the loss of gas supplies.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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