WATCH this climate activist’s “powerful” statement was met with uproarious laughter

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This video is hilarious. Some climate activist thought he was making a really clever statement, but the laughter starts as soon as he opens his mouth. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about and enjoy the show.

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A climate activist who vandalized an Aston Martin showroom in Central London on Sunday thought he was making a powerful statement. Boy, was he wrong. The laughter started as soon as he started speaking, and it only got louder as he went on. Turns out, his “powerful statement” was nothing more than an embarrassing show of ignorance.

Western Journal reports. This incident happened at 11 a.m. on Sunday. Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Nadhim Zahawi, held a meeting earlier that morning to “outline plans to crack down on such protests as part of the Public Order Bill,” Sky News reported. “A new criminal offense would be created for disrupting the functioning of key infrastructure such as airports, railways and oil refineries.” 

Following the press conference A young male climate activist covered the exterior of the Aston Martin showroom in Central London on Sunday with orange spray paint to end new fossil fuel licensing. He is a member of the environmental activist group Just Stop Oil.

Let’s watch.

The activist thought he would get applause but instead of engaging with him, many bystanders were laughing at him. Dressed in a colorful sports bra, a bright red pleated skirt that fell from his hips, and an open black hoody, it was impossible to take him seriously.

I mean, it is hard to take “him” seriously.

Activists are constantly attempting to make their videos go viral by attempting to destroy expensive, or one of a kind items, or just doing bizarre things to get attention.

Next news network reported. Police arrested four PETA protesters Thursday after the group blocked access to a Starbucks store in the West End, according to News 5 Nashville. High plant-based milk prices were driving the group crazy. At the West End Avenue entrances to the coffee shop, concrete was poured over the feet of four protesters, blocking access to the parking lot and drive-thru. Further blocking access to the store, the group linked together with caution tape.


Environmental terrorism should never be condoned, and yet, these climate activists seem to think it’s okay to damage property in the name of their cause. They fail to realize that their actions only make them look like such fools. Not only are they hurting innocent businesses and people, but they are also discrediting all other legitimate environmentalists who choose to use peaceful means for change. These individuals should be locked up, not celebrated as courageous activists. So I was glad to hear that this particular vandal was mocked by bystanders during his “powerful statement.” Perhaps a dose of humiliation will stop him from committing any more destructive acts in the name of enviromentalism. It’s time for these hypocrites to face the consequences of their actions.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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