HANDS OFF: Creepy Joe Loses Control Himself Grabs Another Girl And REFUSES To Let Go

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 It is disgusting that we have to keep reporting on the behavior of our President acting like a bad patron of a strip joint. Yet here we are.

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The occurrences of Joe Biden making inappropriate remarks, touching or sniffing women seem to be happening on a weekly basis, so it can’t be a one-time occurrence. Here we go again.

Western Journal reports. After his speech at a pro-abortion rally on Tuesday, Joe Biden held a handshake for nearly a minute with a young woman. As part of his speech at Washington’s Howard Theater, Biden emphasized his party’s support for codifying the former Supreme Court precedent Roe v. Wade. The physical assault by Biden happened after the speech, as Biden greeted members of his audience.


This most recent physical incident involving the president came after he was caught cheating on Jill Biden with the Governor of Michigan.

New York Post reports. While attending an event in Irvine, California, President Biden got a bit too close for comfort to a young woman. 

Biden stopped for photos with a young woman Friday after delivering remarks at Irvine Valley College about his administration’s plans to reduce inflation and lower drug prices. He placed his arm on her shoulder and gave her some creepy dating advice.


In Another “me too” moment for Joe Biden. How many more women will be subjected to the creepy touching and hair sniffing from our President before something is done about it? It’s clear that he has a pattern of inappropriate behavior towards women, but it continues to be brushed off and excused as “Joe being Joe.” Is this really the kind of leader we want representing America on the global stage? If Trump had been doing these actions it would be the front page of every single newspaper, and would be on 24/7 news cycles.The recent incident where Creepy Joe refused to let go of a young woman’s shoulders for an entire minute is just another example of how he cannot control himself around women. It’s disgusting and unacceptable. Enough is enough – it’s time for consequences and accountability for Biden’s actions. American women deserve better than a creepy, petting President. It’s time for Joe Biden to finally be held accountable for his actions towards women. Enough is enough.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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