JUDGMENT DAY: Pastor Rains BRIMSTONE on School Board For What They Did To Their Kids

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A video of a black father and pastor in North Carolina exploding on the local woke school board has gone viral and people are talking about it all over the internet. Let’s take a look.

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Across the country millions of dollars are being spent by school districts to help solve inequality, and promote trans rights and access to equitable information. Most of us are fed up with this radical change in our children’s education, now even the black community is saying it is too much.

Daily wire reports. In a video that has since gone viral, North Carolina pastor John Amanchukwu criticized a school board for prioritizing wokeness instead of concentrating on the needs of failing students in a video that erupted on a school board this week.

Lets see this highlight from his epic speech.

This report comes after Dr Phil dropped truth bombs on woke educators.

Next news network reported. In last weeks show, Dr. Phil McGraw stepped into the debate, hosting proponents of both sides of one of the most divisive issues affecting American public school policy: how to treat minors who call themselves transgender. The discussion centered around Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law, enacted earlier this year. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, it’s because most left-leaning legacy media outlets tend to refer to the law more often as “Don’t Say Gay.”

Watch his epic smackdown.

The first job of a school district should be to educate children and prepare them for success in their future. Instead, many districts have succumbed to the pressure of promoting a woke agenda instead of keeping it simple and focusing on basic education. The outcome? Our children are failing not only academically, but also in important life skills. It’s no wonder that Pastor Amanchukwu is outraged at the decision made by his local school board. He is not alone in his frustration with the push for woke indoctrination rather than providing equal access to a quality education. We need to keep it simple and prioritize giving all children the tools they need to succeed, not force-feeding them a political agenda. Pastor Amanchukwu is right – our schools need to get back to their core mission of educating our kids, not pushing an agenda.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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