MSNBC Host Goes NUCLEAR on Dems for their Lack of Interest in America’s #1 Problem

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Those watching MSNBC the other day may have seen something that really surprised them. The host of ‘Morning Joe’ was absolutely savage in his take down of the Democrats for ignoring America’s number one problem. In this report, we’ll cover exactly what he said and why it’s such a big deal this close to the big midterm elections. 

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blasted Democrats for allowing crime to devastate cities across the country. 

Townhall reports, on his show, Morning Joe, Scarborough called the Left “extraordinarily clueless,” citing focus groups of Democratic voters who say crime and safety are among their top concerns. 

Also, he criticized “woke” DAs who say that criminals do not exist, and progressives who claim residents exaggerate the crime rate. 

People are moving elsewhere because of fear due to far-Left leaders of Democratic cities, the MSNBC host said. 

14 major Democratic cities set new homicide records, according to the Republican National Committee. 

There is a 40 percent increase in crime in New York City as residents flee in droves. 

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll conducted between October 12-13, 68% of voters consider crime a “very important” issue, while 26% consider it “somewhat important.” The survey surveyed 2,010 voters.

Hell has frozen over in political media – MSNBC is blasting the Democrats for their complete disregard of America’s number one problem – crime. Democratic voters are demanding action, but instead, these elite politicians continue to prioritize their own agendas and push false solutions. It’s clear that they love the chaos and destruction happening in our cities. But come November, we’re going to send a message to the Democrats by electing Republicans up and down the ticket. It’s time to finally make America safe again. This is our chance to show that we won’t tolerate this negligence any longer. Enough is enough – it’s time for real change and real solutions to this crucial issue.

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Next News Network Team

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