Tim Scott Goes NUCLEAR On MSNBC For Racist Remarks

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Senator Tim Scott  does not hold back when MSNBC makes absurd racist claims.

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Senator Tim Scott has no problem taking criticism from the left for what he says and does. Tiffany Cross went over the red line, but Tim Scott’s response sent her into orbit. 

SOURCE 1.Washington examiner reported. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross attacked minority Republican candidates Saturday morning, claiming they were “not voices of color.” 


Senator Tim Scott responded to Tiffany Cross’s comments via twitter stating. @msnbc  Y’all working real hard to keep racism alive

Scott further went on in another tweet “ @msnbc if faces of color are not voices of color, what would you call them?”

This exchange came after Msnbc hosted a radical leftist with insane racial ideology on their channel slamming black Republicans.

Daily caller writes. A guest on MSNBC said in August that Republicans backed former running back Herschel Walker for a United States Senate seat because he was a black candidate who “lacks independent thoughts.”


It is truly horrifying to see the level of hatred and bigotry being spewed by the Democrats. Senator Tim Scott, a conservative black man, was met with racist remarks by Tiffany Cross on MSNBC. Not only do the Democrats hate conservative blacks who dare to think for themselves and leave their “plantation,” but they also hypocritically claim to be against racism while simultaneously promoting it through their actions. Let’s not forget that it was the Democrats who founded the KKK. The rampant hate propaganda being spread by certain members of the Democratic Party is unacceptable, and we need more brave individuals like Senator Tim Scott to speak out against it.

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