OMG: Mark Kelly Blasted For Surrendering To Cartels

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Mark Kelly is always acting like the tough guy when he is on the campaign trail, yet a powerful new AD has come out exposing him for the coward he is when it comes to the border.

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The southern border is in crisis, and finally we have strong Republicans who are not willing to back down on one of the most important issues for America.

Breitbart reports. In an ad released Wednesday, Trump’s super PAC, Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc., hammered Democrat Senator Mark Kelly over the border crisis.


The attack ad that came out in favor of Masters is definitely moving the needle in a good way for conservatives in Arizona.

Politico writes. The Republicans’ Arizona comeback can hardly be credited to Blake Masters – but he is reaping the benefits, propelling him back into contention for a Senate seat many in the GOP once dismissed.

Voters’ dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden and gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake’s strong campaign have helped Masters close most of the gap with Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly. In POLITICO’s Election Forecast, what was once a “Lean Democratic” race is now a “Toss Up,” meaning neither Kelly nor Masters has a significant advantage.

Making America Great Again Inc., Trump’s super PAC, really hammered Democrat Senator Mark Kelly over the border crisis. Using pictures of drugs and cartel members crossing the border, and hammering a line about who is to blame, the ad was spot-on. It is really Mark Kelly’s voting with Biden 95% of the time that drives home the point that the border crisis can be blamed on him. Midterm elections are fast approaching, and this is just another reminder of their importance. There is no way we can afford to have Democrats like Mark Kelly undo all of the progress the Trump administration has made on the economy. Be sure to vote in November!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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