The Stage Is Set For A Republican TAKEOVER In Ohio

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Ohio is poised to make a massive change from the liberal Tim Ryan to a strong conservative here in a few weeks, and as reports come in it gets better.

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Midterms are a short time away, and it appears that every effort that JD Vance has put into this race is paying off huge dividends. Yet when Jd Vance wins America will be winning also, as Republicans can take a majority in the senate.

American outlook reports. Republican J.D. Vance is maintaining his four-point lead over Democrat Representative Tim Ryan in the race to fill Ohio’s open United States Senate seat, according to the latest polling by Cygnal released on Tuesday.

The Cygnal polling found that Vance leads Ryan by four percent, 48.3 percent of the 1,886 likely general election voters in Ohio to 44.2 percent, with 7.5 percent still undecided two weeks before the election.

This poll comes after JD Vance mopped the floor with Tim Ryan in their last debate.

Next news Network reported. Trump-backed JD Vance earlier in October squared off with Democrat Tim Ryan in Ohio for the pair’s final Senate debate before voters head to the polls. During the debate, a question about the 40-year high inflation was asked, and Republican candidate JD Vance had a golden response. Vance noted that the inflation is so out of control because of policies proposed, backed, and signed by Democrats like Joe Biden and Tim Ryan.


America is in desperate need of help and Tim Ryan is not the answer. The economy is failing, we have a border crisis, jobs are disappearing and crime is soaring. We need fighters like JD Vance in Congress. JD Vance was a literal beast on the debate stage, as he absolutely destroyed Tim Ryan and all of his phony talking points. We need people to stand up and protect America, as Biden is the worst president America has ever seen. He’s weak, he’s a puppet of the liberal establishment and he’s completely out of touch with the American people. Trump was right in helping a fighter like Vance win the primary, so he can go to DC for the American people. We need to take back our country from the woke liberals who are ruining it. We need to make America great again!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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