OOPS: Whitmer Busted Gaslighting Michigan Over Campaign Lies

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Whitmer busted over her lies during her campaign to win re-election,  too bad for her patriots are not letting her slide on the truth.

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Elections have consequences, and for Michigan residents the stakes could not be higher. With new polls and ads coming out showing that Whitmer has been caught in her lies, just drives home how much she actually screwed up.

Red state reports. It may be fall in Michigan, but the campaign for Governor is heating up. The Wolverine state is feeling the heat, and the incumbent governor is feeling it the most.

One of the reasons for this is that Gretchen Whitmer had anywhere from a 10- to a 14-point lead over her Republican opponent Tudor Dixon a little over a month ago. According to some reports, that lead has evaporated to a statistical tie.

To further the pressure a new ad was released form the Michigan Freedom Fund That Highlights the lies Whitmer told on the campaign trail about students only being home for 3 weeks during shutdowns.


The Ad continues for a bit more, but as you can see the lies and hypocrisy just pile up more and more.

Whitmer was also busted over defunding the police after her debate, and the internet was having none of that. 

Next news network reported. During a debate that happened between Whitmer and Tudor earlier this month, Whitmer said that she will “continue investing in law enforcement,” however, as noted by RNC Research, she said in 2020 that she supported the “spirit” of defunding police.


Whitmer’s lies have caught up with her. To get what they want, slimy politicians lie and cheat, and that is power. We the American people must hold these slimeball politicians accountable when they lie to us. Tudor Dixon is a great candidate and will fight hard to right Michigan’s wrongs. How dumb does Whitmer think people are, that they forgot that she closed schools for years, not 3 weeks. Thanks to the internet, her lies have been exposed.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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