Fetterman Proves Once Again Why He Should NOT be Elected on Tuesday

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As we head into the final days before the election, it’s important to remember why we cannot allow John Fetterman to become the next senator of Pennsylvania, so this video serves as a new reminder to that exact point. Fetterman has demonstrated time and again that he is unfit for office, and if we elect him on Tuesday, it will be a huge mistake. 

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In Pennsylvania, Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman is competing against Republican Mehmet Oz, who has been on the rise throughout the fall. During their only debate of the cycle last Tuesday, Fetterman suffered a catastrophic loss. In the field since that event, Oz has made further gains, with several surveys giving him a slight lead. 

Townhall reports, in addition to his rallies with Democrats, Fetterman has given a series of on-camera interviews to various media outlets (not in person), resulting in poor arguments and mangled sentences in his trademark hooded sweatshirt against a white brick wall.

This week, when asked by a local news anchor about his disastrous answer during the debate about his flip-flopping stance on fracking, Fetterman said this:

In the question, the focus was on his fitness to serve and the nature of his response last week.  His reply, however, was about his 180 on fracking, about which he was again sadly incoherent. 

Fetterman also had another viral moment Wednesday while speaking at a campaign event.

Fetterman claimed he wanted to codify Roe v Wade, however, failed at delivering the line and instead said he “of course” wanted to codify “Roe v Roe.”

Fetterman has demonstrated time and again that he is unfit for office as a result of suffering from a stroke earlier this year. Considering all of this, it is clear that he is not fit to serve in Congress. He should withdraw from the race. Dr. Oz will get the work that needs to be done. He will fight for all of Pennsylvania and all of the United States. Help make a red wave happen by voting republican on November 8th!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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