Here’s How the BIDEN Diesel Shortage Is Hurting Truckers and America

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Joe Biden’s bad policies have set up the trucking industry for failure this winter, and the rest of America will suffer for it.

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Trucking powers this nation, everything we buy at supermarkets, and online retailers are delivered via truck loads. Further most farm equipment is powered by diesel, so again without the fuel our farming industry will collapse, and people will not be able to eat. Now as winter approaches, it has been announced that diesel will be in short supply, and prices will be skyrocketing.  

Fox News reports. Fuel prices are skyrocketing in the transportation industry, as suppliers blame supply chain shortages and red tape. 

President Biden has accused oil companies of hiking prices to increase their profit margins, while critics accuse the administration of hampering American energy production. 

In an interview with “Fox & Friends First,” South Carolina Trucking Association CEO Rick Todd discussed the insane burden placed on the trucking industry.


Announcements for further diesel shortages have been made.

Daily wire reports. Diesel shortages are expected in the northeastern and southeastern United States, according to fuel supply company Mansfield Energy.

The fuel supplier Mansfield said in a release that prices are soaring more than posted market averages. 

“Poor pipeline shipping economics and historically low diesel inventories are combining to cause shortages in various markets throughout the Southeast. These have been occurring sporadically, with areas like Tennessee seeing particularly acute challenges,” the company remarked. “Usually the ‘low rack’ posters can sell many loads of fuel before running out of supply; now, they only have one or two loads.”

This is all due to Joe Biden’s terrible policies. He needs to allow fracking, open up land grants, and stop crippling the American economy. We need to move away from liberal green energy policies, and move to America first policies.  We need to get back to work and start producing energy again. That’s what Trump did, and we need to do it again. Otherwise, we’re going to face an energy crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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