Whoopi Goldberg Throws HISSY Fit, Then Everyone Notices Something About her Twitter Account

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In spite of no changes being made to Twitter’s terms of service, only equal enforcement, Whoopi Goldberg announced on Monday’s edition of The View that she was quitting because “it’s a mess.”

Newsbusters reports, in addition to denouncing free speech, she shouted, “I’m out” and “all speech is not free speech.”

Goldberg also seemingly accused the platform’s new owner – Elon Musk – of going into her list of blocked accounts and unblocking them.

On Twitter, Whoopi’s account is showing up as nonexistent.

During the same episode, Goldberg’s co-host Ana Navarro followed with a plea for the federal government to address social media standards and force platforms to fight misinformation and share details about how they might “amplify divisive comments.”

And Sunny Hostin dismissed Twitter as a “hellscape,” saying people could no longer find resources and valuable information using the platform.

As a result, she urged Democrats to repeal Section 230 so Twitter – and Musk – can be held accountable.

While Whoopi might be gone, she’s not the only liberal to quit Twitter recently. In fact, there’s been a growing trend of leftists leaving the platform in search of greener pastures. However, they always end up coming back eventually. After all, Twitter is where the action is. They can’t resist the attention for long. In the end, Twitter will be better off without these self-righteous liberals who can’t handle dissenting opinions. With them gone, we can finally make Twitter great again!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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