NO THANKS: Americans Are CANCELING Thanksgiving Because of Joe Biden

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During this economic crisis, a new poll shows that fewer Americans can afford to cook America’s most iconic tradition due to shortages and price increases.

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Inflation is rampaging across all income levels across America, as everyone is feeling the increased cost burdens. No one is untouched by Biden’s economic woes, from gasoline prices to insane food costs.

Study reported. Thanksgiving is typically a time for big family celebrations and lots of food, but a new survey finds the struggling U.S. economy is forcing many Americans to cut back this year — or not celebrate at all!

According to a survey commissioned by digital wealth management company Personal Capital, 45 percent of Americans will feel financially stressed by Thanksgiving 2022. Gen X Americans have the least amount of stress (33%) while Gen Z is feeling it the most (54%).

One in five Americans cannot afford a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year based on dollars and cents. Despite 52 percent saying they’re spending the same on holiday groceries, 33 percent are cutting back.

The cost increases are blamed officially on turkey shortages, and inflation.

DNYUZ reported. Whole turkeys have also become more expensive due to inflation. Feed, fuel, and labor, which are often scarce, cost more for farmers and processors. They face supply shortages and drought. 

Consequently, home cooks this year could pay more than twice as much for a turkey as they did last year, poultry industry experts predict.

And then there’s the avian flu. A particularly persistent and contagious strain carried by migrating birds has killed at least 3.6 percent of the nation’s turkeys, or about 7.3 million birds, according to figures from the Department of Agriculture and Watt Global Media, which monitors the poultry industry.

It’s a shame that Joe Biden has failed so miserably that Americans can’t even afford to celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. Thanks to his inflationary policies, fuel costs have skyrocketed and the economy is in shambles. Families who were already struggling are now being forced to cut back on their holiday celebrations, or not celebrate at all. It’s a national crisis, and it’s all thanks to Joe Biden. He should be ashamed of himself. America deserves better.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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