HIGHWAY TO HELL: UN Chief Issues Global Warning Then Demands Horrible Solution

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The United Nations is beating the war drums as they gear up to make a global initiative to end the supposed climate change crisis.

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To combat their views on climate change, the globalist elites are now mobilizing to attack everyone they can. The UN secretary general has now demanded something so absurd that it is beyond comprehension.

Breitbart reports. United Nations secretary general António Guterres employed some of his most apocalyptic climate rhetoric to date on Monday, warning participants in the COP27 climate summit of “climate chaos” due to humanity’s “fossil fuel addiction.” 

Antonio Guterres started “We are on a highway to climate hell.

To add to his alarmist claims the Secretary General issued a demand for “rich nations”

Breitbart wrote.

U.N.-backed report released Tuesday calls for transferring $2 trillion per year from rich to poor countries by 2030.

In an analysis commissioned by Britain and Egypt, which will host the UN climate summit in Glasgow in 2021 and COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh this week, it was determined that the first trillion dollars should come from rich countries, investors, and multilateral development banks.

The report seen by AFP then calls for $1.4 trillion to come from domestic private and public sources.

The UK government has already indicated that it is open to discussing climate “reparations” even as it prepares tax hikes and cuts to public services at home for fiscal reasons, Breitbart News reports.

Insanity. This will be the next big hurdle for the American people to jump, as the international community is demanding trillions of dollars to be “transferred” to poorer countries to combat climate change. The globalist agenda knows no bounds when it comes to their attempt to bring communism to the world. It is absolutely terrifying knowing that this has been their plan for decades, but we are watching it play out before our eyes, in real time. Trump was 100% right in his views on the United Nations and how their influence is not altruistic for the people they want to “protect”.

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