After Months of Dems SCREAMING, CNN Admits One Thing Missing From Exit Polls

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In a stunning admission from CNN’s Dana Bash live on air, she made claims that Joe Biden’s major initiative failed on election day.

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The Red wave turned more into the red ripple as polls close, and results are given for major races across the country. But CNN’s own exit polling on election day yielded some shocking results from voters.

Daily wire reported. CNN anchor Dana Bash noted at the beginning of her network’s Election Night coverage that democracy itself wasn’t even among the top five issues voters were concerned about.

It was just as polling locations were closing across the country that Bash joined fellow anchors Jake Tapper, Abby Phillip, Chris Wallace, and Kasie Hunt for a discussion about last minute poll data and exit polls, which kicked off the election coverage Tuesday evening.

Let’s Watch

President Biden spent the weeks leading up to the midterm to let Americans know that Democracy itself was on the ballot. 

President Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that “Democracy is on the ballot,” saying, “The remarkable thing about American democracy is this: Just enough of us on just enough occasions have chosen not to dismantle democracy, but to preserve democracy. We must choose that path again.”

These exit polls show that Biden’s messages are not reaching down to the average voter as the top issues were related to the economy, inflation, abortion, and other hot topic items. What is even more stunning is that CNN would actually admit that Biden’s big push to scare Democrats to the polls failed, and that the generic wedge issues pushed Democrat voters to the polls. Take this as a sign that, Joe Biden’s influence is still at record lows, and that even his own party doubts his leadership.

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