Trump Issues TRUTH STORM On Social Media Seconds Later GOP Hacks Go on the Offensive

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Love Trump or hate Trump he has done some amazing things for America, and the world. Ending wars, making the economy incredible, working to help our veterans, and countless other things. But when he gets a phone in his hand, and he’s in a mood there is no telling where some of the social media storms he unleashes will go.

Townhall reports, With midterm elections still uncalled in key states determining the balance of power in Congress, former President Donald Trump issued a statement targeting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In a repudiation of President Biden’s agenda, DeSantis defeated Democrat Charlie Crist in one of the few clear GOP victories of what was supposed to be a national “red wave” night.

Trump’s lengthy statement began by using his new nickname for DeSantis — for whom he voted in Florida this week — “DeSanctimonious,” and called him “an average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations” who “has the advantage of SUNSHINE.” Trump also claimed “people from badly run States up North would go [to Florida] no matter who the Governor was, just like I did.”

After Trump endorsed DeSantis, held rallies on his behalf, and “fixed” his campaign, the 45th president continued to attack the popular governor.

Despite Trump’s usual rhetoric against centrist, squishy Republicans and not red state conservatives, Republicans and conservatives sharply criticized his attack on DeSantis.

Jesse Kelly was looking forward to a primary fight sharpening the eventual GOP nominee to take on Biden — or whoever Democrats run — in 2024. But now, he’s calling Trump out, saying he’s “going to just embarrass himself and go down in flames” which, as Kelly points out, is a sad development.

Twitter user Jonny Conch tweeted “I supported the man twice after never wanting him to get the nomination. He sat in $100 million this cycle to keep for himself. What he is doing now is childish and damaging nobody but him. I am done with Trump after this. Good riddance.”

Kurt Schlichter tweeted “Some might argue that Trump is in an all out war against his electability. I mean what the hell was that today?”

Byron York tweeted “ ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ is back. Former President Trump, perhaps worried there are some Republicans he has not yet irritated, attacks Gov. DeSantis again.”

Allie Beth Stuckey had a interesting point when it came to her tak on why Trump was attacking Desantis. She tweeted “Trump’s statement reads like DeSantis slighted him in some way, but really he’s just upset that other people are talking about DeSantis’s presidential potential.”

Regardless of Trump’s intentions, it was clear that he wanted the media spotlight on the eve of election night when he made his announcement that he was going to make an announcement on November 15th to run for president. Trump was there to campaign and turn the vote out, yet he stole the headlines and spotlight. Now that Desantis didn’t immediately say that he was going to sit this election cycle out in a way that made Trump happy, Trump goes on the offensive because of this perceived slight. Trump should have shown some restraint when it came to his attacks, because all he is doing is losing some of his base who are searching for something else, and further alienating the middle of the road Republicans who are on the fence to turn out and vote for him. I think that Allie Beth Stuckey more than likely has the closest take on the situation, and Trump feels slighted, and is now attempting to shift the focus to the media where the blame should have been the whole time.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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