Americans May Seriously Consider Dining Out this Thanksgiving Thanks to Bidenflation

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With the holiday just around the corner, many Americans are already thinking about what they’re going to cook for Thanksgiving. But this year, there may be another option: dining out. Thanks to inflation, restaurants are actually more affordable for many people than buying groceries. 

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For this year’s Thanksgiving, the big bird will cost more.

Breitbart reports, Turkey and non-chicken poultry prices are up 16.9 percent. Other Thanksgiving staples are also more expensive.

Pies are included in the index that is up 18.6 percent. The price of ice cream has increased by 13.3 percent. The sale of canned fruits, including cranberry sauces, is up 18.7 percent. The price of fresh potatoes has increased by 15.6%. Rolls, biscuits, and muffins have increased by 13.6%. The price of butter has increased by 26.7%. Dressings for salads have increased by 19.7%. The price of gravy and sauce has increased by 14.6%. In total, the price of food at home has increased by 12.4%.

You’ll at least get some relief when it comes to washing it all down. Wine prices have increased by just 3.2%.

Are you looking for a way to lose those extra holiday pounds?  The cost of personal care services, including personal trainers, has increased by 5.7 percent. In an era of Bidenflation, this is practically a bargain.

As a result, “Americans may actually find value in eating out” on Thanksgiving, according to Brad Rubin, sector analyst at Wells Fargo’s food and agribusiness industry advisory group, CNBC reports.

However, most households still serve turkey on Thanksgiving regardless of high costs, according to a recent Morning Consult report.

According to the report, consumers will save money by buying frozen turkeys earlier in the season, seeking discounts, and serving smaller portions or fewer side dishes. 

Thanks to the reckless spending policies coming out of the Biden administration, inflation is not going to be fixed any time soon, which definitely puts a damper on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. So if you’re looking for a hassle-free – and cheaper – meal this Thanksgiving and even Christmas, consider heading to your local eatery. Who knows? You might even enjoy it more than cooking at home! (But don’t tell grandma we said that.)

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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