BOOM! Trump Declares War on “Globalist Sellouts” and “Deep State” in GLORIOUS 2024 Announcement

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We all knew it was coming, but last night Trump finally made it official: he’s running for President in 2024. And he’s not pulling any punches, going straight after the Swamp creatures and globalist sellouts who have been ruining America for far too long.

Before we get to his direct assault on the globalists and deep state let’s revisit the moment we’d all been waiting for.

The 45th President then wasted no time in declaring that his administration had turned the page on globalist sell-outs and one-sided trade deals ”.

The media immediately attacked Trump for using the term “globalists” and called it antisemitic.

New York Times metro writer Liam Stack tweeted, “Trump just used the phrase “globalist sellouts” in his speech announcing his presidential campaign. Here’s a story I did in 2016 about how the term “globalism” has historically been a dog whistle for anti-semites and anti-government conspiracy theorists”

These attacks are so old and tiring. Thankfully they always backfire. Much line every action the Deep State has taken to try to end Trump. Well last night he vowed to end THEM!

In a highlight of the night, he said that he would dismantle the deep state and restore government by the people, while advocating for a constitutional amendment which would limit the terms of career politicians.

Additionally, Trump made some very important remarks regarding the war on drugs. According to Trump, drug dealers should be punished with the death penalty. Announcing his support for the death penalty for drug dealers, Trump stated that every drug dealer kills approximately 500 people due to overdoses.

In a move that has been anticipated for months, Donald Trump has officially declared his candidacy for President in 2024. In a rousing speech, Trump vowed to drain the swamp, end globalism, and restore America to its rightful place as a world leader. For too long, we’ve been saddled with bad trade deals, corrupt politicians, and a deep state that is determined to sell out our country. Thankfully Trump is back to see that plan through. Trump also promised to put America first, saying that he would renegotiate trade deals, reduce immigration levels, and invest in American infrastructure. He also took aim at his opponents, saying that they were “globalist sellouts” who cared more about profits than people. My friends, it’s time to take back the White House and make America great again! He concluded to cheers from the Mar-a-Lago crowd. With Trump in the race, it is sure to be an exciting campaign season.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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