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 The leftist race baiters are at it again, and they are kicking it into full swing as they begin their assaults in earnest against America’s favorite Governor.

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Whenever the left wants to attack someone politically, instead of attacking their policies, practices, voting records, they just go for the lowest hanging fruit, which is racism. 

MSNBC’s American Voices show on Sunday night smeared Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as a “white Christian nationalist” whose religious beliefs “seep into his governance.”

Watch the clip here.


The mental unraveling continued when Butler made the ludicrous claim that “dominion means they have dominion over everyone who doesn’t believe in God, who doesn’t think the way they do, and that God made this nation exclusively for white men.”.

According to Menendez’s other lunatic guest “Reverend” Serene Jones, DeSantis’ “white Christian nationalist” philosophy is “racist,” “explicit” and “white supremacist.”

The examples of the left using race as an excuse for anything political are endless. 

Washington Examiner reports. The last time Stacey Abrams lost her race she filed a federal case in which failed to reveal a single disenfranchised voter, but Stacey Abrams denied she lost the race for governor and falsely blamed “voter suppression.”

She now uses the Democratic favorite excuse for underperformance: “DISINFORMATION!!! ”

The Democrats’ latest “disinformation” argument, however, is also condescending and racist. Republicans targeting misinformation at black and Hispanic voters is the main reason they are making gains among black and Hispanic voters, say Democrats and their media allies.


This is yet another example of the left’s hypocrisy when it comes to religious freedom. They claim to champion minorities, but they attack Christians at every turn. And they have the audacity to call Governor DeSantis a white nationalist when he has done more to help minorities than any other governor in the country. The left is nothing but a bunch of intolerant hypocrites who will stop at nothing to smear and demonize anyone who doesn’t share their radical agenda.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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