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Now that the midterms are over, project mockingbird is in full swing as the liberal media demands that everyone shut up and sit down on how long it is taking for the votes to be counted.

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How dare anyone question the process when Democrats have been handed victory after victory in races that were almost certain to go to Republicans. 

American Lookout reports. Voter counts have taken days in various states during the past two elections. Liberals in the media want you to believe it has always been this way.

Several media personalities have claimed that counting all the votes takes time and that it is normal.

Even more suspicious is the fact that all of them seem to be following the same playbook.


Looks familiar huh. Media folks, here is a newsflash. There is something wrong here.


This is a relatively recent phenomenon with a clear Democratic advantage.

Regardless of the Media narrative on Arizona Kari Lake is not taking her fight laying down.

According to The Guardian. The liberal news outlet claimed that Democrat Katie Hobbs was able to defeat her far-right, Trump-backed opponent in Arizona, allowing for her to QUOTE “protecting the state’s voting rights.” 

Kari Lake is not conceding the race as there are still thousands and thousands of ballots yet to be counted, and additional steps remaining after the vote is certified. 

After Monday’s result, Lake tweeted “Arizonians know BS when they see it” without saying if she would accept defeat. More than 95% of votes had been reported by Monday evening according to the Associated Press.

Hobbs celebrated her win on Twitter with the message: “Democracy is worth the wait.”

It is pretty suspicious that the liberal media outlets are now using the exact same scripts and narratives to help quell the people who are anxious about the amount of time it takes to count the votes. But, they have been using that playbook for years. It has only come up since the advent of social media where citizen journalists can actually have their message broadcast and put forth an alternative narrative on the stories being put out. Kari lake should also stick to her guns and not fall prey to this narrative, as there is still quite a process to go in Arizona. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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