Joe Must Be TERRIFIED After Trump’s 2024 Run Sparks An Eye-Opening Reaction

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Joe Biden is infamous for his word slinging abilities, and eloquent speeches when it comes to important matters. He had one of those moments when asked about a 2024 Presidential bid from Donald Trump.

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Trump announcing for the White House again has sent shockwaves through the world of politics. It was like a massive shot of energy went into the Republican party, and across the country people are already organizing to help get the job done for Trump, but Joe Biden had a couple words to say in regards to his announcement. 

The patriot journal wrote. Trump announced this week that he will run for president in 2024, fulfilling a promise he made to his millions of supporters. His speech at Mar-A-Largo was measured and focused, praising his accomplishments and attacking the current administration.

There will be plenty of people watching Trump closely. Many have expressed their opinions about this big news. Biden was overseas at the G20 summit when reporters asked him what he thought of Trump’s announcement. And his two-word answer was telling.

When prompted by a reporter on the sidelines of the G20 summit, President Joe Biden responded to former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announcement with two words.

“Not really,”
Biden said before turning away. 

Are you serious, Joe? Is that all you have to say? It seems Biden didn’t have a proper response written by his handlers yet, which explained his weak response. For years, Biden has avoided speaking to the public without cheat cards or teleprompters.

Clearly, he has no idea what to do in the wake of this big news. It’s probably because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. The DNC propped up Biden in 2020, and he has done its bidding ever since.

What was equally eye-opening was what Biden, or one of his handler posted to twitter 20 minutes after Trump began speaking at Mar-A-Lago: “Donald Trump failed America.”

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Biden is renowned for his speaking abilities, or lack of. Yet for all of his crazy insane, and hateful rhetoric over the last year he couldn’t come up with a better response than “Not Really”? He should have continued his talks about how Trump was the biggest threat to the country, or that he wanted to use F-15’s to stop Trump running for office again. That would have made his base a lot more happy. But, the reality is that Trump created the biggest political movement in American history, and he is in the process of doing it again. He is the underdog in this and that is precisely where he wants to be. Let’s get America back on track, lets get Trump back in the white house, and let’s end these Rinos and Anti American Democrats political futures. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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