LOCKOUT At Twitter Sends Liberal Tears Flowing And Mass Exodus of Leftist Employees

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Liberal Tears are flowing at Twitter today after Musk shut the door and disabled key card access to those entitled snowflakes who thought they would have a cushy job there forever. I have all the reactions you don’t want to miss.

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The future of Twitter has now been called into question as Musk has slammed the door. But something Tells me a guy who can change the automotive industry and launch people into space will be just fine.

Red State reports, as of this report, Twitter is still operational, but that may not last.

As a result of Elon Musk’s ultimatum to the remaining staff, there are real fears that the social media site could be shut down for some time.

According to reports, Musk gave Twitter’s engineers a deadline to decide whether to stay or leave, and many of them are reportedly leaving.

RedState continues, people used to remote working, yoga rooms, free lunches and free wine on tap were surprised by this introduction to the real world. There were some who couldn’t handle it and quit. 

An employee or perhaps someone acting on behalf of employees is now throwing a tantrum on the face of Twitter’s headquarters, projecting insults at Musk.

Attacks on Elon like calling him a “manchild” and a “Space Karen” say nothing about Elon, but everything about liberal babies who can’t handle reality. Because they can’t handle…free speech, they’re throwing a tantrum. And these people consider themselves liberals?

Musk didn’t seem overly concerned, however. A leftist Hill TV host who thought one of his jokes was real even gave him a laugh. IMG_4>>> 

ZEROHEDGE reports, the company had asked employees to fill out a Google form by 5PM Eastern time on Thursday if they were willing to work long hours at high intensity. Musk had asked employees to fill out the Google form by Wednesday.

Approximately 3,700 Twitter employees were laid off less than two weeks prior to the ultimatum. This week, many Twitter workers consulted lawyers to determine what to do. There was little information on the severance packages, and it was unclear whether employees would keep vesting stock awards or maintain insurance coverage.

Before the deadline Thursday, Twitter had approximately 2,900 employees left. According to Twitter employees, given the scale of resignations this week, the platform is likely to break soon. According to one, they watched “legendary engineers” and others they look up to leave one by one.

It’s official: Twitter is undergoing a mass exodus of liberal tears. That’s right, after years of being a safe space for social justice warriors and entitled millennials, the company is finally feeling the wrath of conservatives. And it’s all thanks to Elon Musk. Musk, who has been a vocal critic of Twitter’s censorship practices, recently took matters into his own hands by disabled key card access to the company’s headquarters. This move effectively locked out many of Twitter’s employees, who are now scrambling to find new jobs. While some may see this as a cruel act, I believe it was necessary. For too long, Twitter has been allowed to get away with censoring conservatives and promoting liberal agenda. But under Musk’s leadership, I believe the company can finally make a comeback and become great again. So if you’re one of the many liberals who are crying over this latest development, just remember: you had your chance and you blew it. It’s time for conservatives to take back control of Twitter and make it the platform it was always meant to be. Thanks, Elon!

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