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Michelle Obama is just full of surprises these days. And now she’s making the media rounds with a shocking new revelation that none of us saw coming.

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For years we’ve heard the rumors about Michelle Obama’s dark secrets. We’ve seen the images, videos, and heard the first hand accounts. The jury is still out on that front but you are free to draw your own conclusions. But now there is a new controversy surrounding another body part of Michell Obama. HER HAIR.

Daily Wire reports, as Michelle Obama’s husband gained popularity in the 2008 presidential election, did you remember her newfound pride in America? In spite of Barack getting elected, she apparently thought Americans were still bigots.

Throughout her time in office, she appears to have been so concerned about America being a racist nation that even her hairdo choice could damage the legislative goals of her husband.

While her husband won the 2008 election with 69,498,516 votes, she was still concerned braided hair would prevent him from passing healthcare reform.

She recently confessed this point to Ellen as reported by CNN.

“As First Lady, I did not wear braids.”
Although there have been historical instances of racial discrimination due to hairstyles, the notion that America would be so racist that the first lady’s hair would prevent Obamacare from going into effect is laughable.

Critics have lambasted their opponents’ hairstyles only twice in the last 35 years of politics.

Donald J. Trump is the first. Leftists love to claim that he wears a toupee, but it appears to be his real hair. It’s quite mesmerizing and unique in American politics, to be honest.

Then there is the mop-headed former governor Rod Blagojevich. Other than that, it’s hard to imagine anyone else’s hair, let alone Michelle Obama’s.

Yet that’s par for the course for the Left, if they can make themselves out to be a victim they will.

We all know that Michelle Obama is just full of surprises. And her latest revelation is no different. Apparently, she’s been hiding her true self from the American people for years, and we’re only just now finding out about it. No, we’re not talking about her husband’s policies. We’re talking about her hair. Apparently, the fact that she wears it in a natural style is some sort of secret sign of her true feelings about black people. And we all know how the Left feels about black people. If they can find any way to make themselves out to be victims, they will. So it’s no surprise that they’re seizing on this latest controversy and using it to try to score political points. But we’re not fooled. We know that Michelle Obama’s hair has nothing to do with her husband’s policies. And we don’t care about her hair, we care about his policies. So we’re not going to let the Left distract us with their latest diversionary tactic. We’re going to continue to hold them accountable for their failed policies, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that America succeeds.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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