DeSantis Presidential Ad Pops Up Moments After Trump 2024 Announcement, Now Many People Wondering

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Well it appears that a major indicator was just dropped when it comes to Ron Desantis running for President in 2024, it’s about to get wild. 

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The political world is a buzz right now as a super pac named Ron to the Rescue just launched a national 60 second ad buy, that is most certainly setting the stage for a Ron Desantis 2024 presidential campaign.

Western Journal reported. After former President Donald Trump officially announced the launch of his 2024 presidential campaign on Tuesday evening, attention also turned to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, with many wondering if he would also announce a 2024 presidential campaign. One pro-DeSantis political action committee even released a promotional ad for DeSantis.


The Hill was quick to come out with a comparison between Trump and Desantis.

According to the Hill. There are already clear favorites on the Republican side for the next presidential election two years away.

It’s a two-horse race between former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at this point. In recent months, speculation has grown about a possible Trump-DeSantis race. 

In polls before the midterm elections, the former president often led Republican voters by a wide margin. 

DeSantis has been catapulted past Trump in several polls after Trump suffered a poor outcome in the midterms.  A number of the former president’s high-profile endorsees lost. Several party figures, including Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have suggested Trump is harming the party’s brand.

The popularity shift from Trump to DeSantis was especially stark in several polls commissioned in early primary states by the conservative Club for Growth.

But let’s not let some establishment Republican low sample size polls try sway the public opinion away from Trump. Trump’s base rarely polls for anything as the entire establishment polling system is rigged, and with the right polling company you can make a ham sandwich poll well, not saying that Desantis is a ham sandwich, but you get the idea. Desantis has repeatedly said he just won the election, and that people need to “chill out” on whether or not he will run for president. So everyone needs to sit back, and just wait and see. Hopefully we get to see Trump beat up on some establishment shills instead of another patriot. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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