Get Ready for BLACKOUTS As Biden’s Energy Crisis Threatens America This Winter

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As we get closer to winter, concerns are mounting over the potential for widespread blackouts across the country. This is thanks to the Energy Crisis that is brewing under Joe Biden’s watch. While he and his team continue to downplay the threat, experts are warning that this could be one of the most severe winters in recent memory. 

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If temperatures fall below average this winter due to tight fossil fuel supplies, a quarter of Americans could experience energy emergencies. 

ZeroHedge reports, During high-demand periods, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, which manages grid stability, finds that power grids in Louisiana, New England, the Carolinas, and all of Texas are most likely to experience power shortages.

A prolonged cold snap could strain the grid for households and businesses, according to NERC. Due to this, natural gas, coal, and backup diesel generators would deplete more rapidly, potentially causing shortages. 

It’s a record low time of year on the East Coast for diesel supplies, for example, but demand is rising. The economy is experiencing a shortage of fuel, from heating to trucking. There are about 25 days left of fuel in storage. During this winter, power generation plants may experience supply gaps due to disruptions in supply. 

As noted by Bloomberg, at least a quarter of Americans will see their utility bills soar even more this winter as a result of NERC’s warning. Following the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns, electricity demand has rebounded faster than expected. Gas prices are high due to low stockpiles and strong exports to Europe as Russia wages war on Ukraine. Coal supplies may also be affected by a possible railroad strike.  

“As the demand for electricity risks outpacing the available supply during peak winter conditions, consumers face an inconceivable but real threat of rolling blackouts,” Jim Matheson, chief executive officer of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, wrote in an emailed statement. “It doesn’t have to be this way. But absent a shift in state and federal energy policy, this is a reality we will face for years to come.”

It is clear that something needs to be done to avert this crisis, and american energy independence is the only way to ensure that our nation can weather any storm and avoid blackouts. Joe Biden needs to swallow his pride and get started on making our nation energy independent today, because Americans who are already struggling cannot afford to go through rolling blackouts this winter. 

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