CONFIRMED: Biden DHS SPIED on You Because Disagreed With His Politics

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 In a bombshell admission it turns out that Biden cares little for the privacy of Americans, and he has fully weaponized the DOJ.

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Biden has weaponized the FBI and other DHS agencies in order to target his political opponents, we have known this for a long time, but it became more apparent when he signed off on the raid at Mar-A-Lago. Now before that it has come to light he ordered the DHS to spy on millions of Americans who disagreed with his political world view. 

Townhall reported. It’s no secret that the Biden administration has been woefully incompetent when it comes to protecting pro-lifers following the leak of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision in early May, and after it was officially released in late June. 

Despite the administration’s support for illegal protests outside conservative justices’ homes, no one was safe. Justice Brett Kavanaugh and possibly more conservative justices were targeted for assassination. Vandalism and violence have also been directed at pro-life organizations, pregnancy centers, and Catholic churches. Adding insult to injury, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) monitored social media posts following the June 24 decision.

The DHS bulletin, obtained by Yahoo! News, states that it was put into place on June 26: a document circulated by the Department of Intelligence and Analysis on June 26, 2022, provides updates on what each part of the office is doing in light of the SCOTUS decision. It was produced days after the Roe decision. “[The Office of Intelligence and Analysis] will continue to monitor this event for any additional information, social media reactions, reflections, and possible threats of violence in response to this event,” it states. A DHS official said the agency is allowed to collect online posts that would normally be considered protected speech if it determines there is a larger potential national security threat.”

It has been reported that a Senate report by Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) finds that DHS and FBI are failing to address domestic terrorism. In light of reports that the administration has directed these agencies to inflate domestic extremist numbers, this finding is somewhat ironic. 

Upon Peters’ request for more information, DHS responded that it had “extended the evaluation of online activity to assess and prevent acts of violence in a way that ensures robust protections for Americans’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties,” according to the Senate report.

The report doesn’t mention how pro-lifers have been affected. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has targeted pro-life activists and prosecuted them under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act in addition to violence and vandalism. 

What the left did after the leaked memo about the pending decision of Roe. V. Wade was seditious. The Biden admin ignored the blatant attempts to sway the judges votes on the matter, and allowed the intimidation to continue, which was in clear violation of federal law. Further they turned a blind eye to all of the vandalism, and fire bombings of pro life centers, and almost openly encouraged people to attack them. Then Biden ordered the DHs to investigate the “dangerous” right wing of the country while ignoring the rampant calls for violence on the left. This just proves that Biden has weaponized the department of justice. End of story. 

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