Take A Hike: Desantis GOES OFF on World Economic Forum

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 Ron Desantis tells the World Economic Forum exactly what they can do when it involves his state.

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The WEF is constantly trying to make the world more connected, and they are attempting to enforce draconian rules on any country that will listen. All of this is an attempt to control every single person they can and eventually form a one world ruling party. 

Town hall reports. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is warning the World Economic Forum that its globalist policies, which seek to undermine the sovereignty of nations and their states, are not welcome in the Sunshine State. 

The statement comes after WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab told the G20 Summit the world needs a “deep, systemic restructuring” and that “the world will look differently after we have gone through this transition process.” 


Ron Desantis was having none of that, check out his response.

This backlash against the WEF comes after they recently unveiled another Globalist plot against freedom.

We Love Trump reports, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Indonesia’s Health Minister, advocated for a global digital health certificate at the B20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

As part of the G20 Summit, Business 20 (B20) is an event aimed at expressing the views of international business leaders. Businesses from around the world gathered in Bali for the two-day Business 20 (B20) Summit to offer policy recommendations to the G20 Summit.

During his remarks, Sadikin noted that the G20 countries and Indonesia had reached an agreement to have the digital certificate using WHO standards.


He said, “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around.”

The WEF is leading the world on privacy erosion, and the leaching of individual freedoms. Yet Governors like Ron Desantis and Presidents like Donald Trump have firmly stood in their way for years, which is why the globalist sympathizers and establishment elitists are so firmly against freedom minded leaders. The establishment elite want this to happen. They want no individual freedoms, they want a one world ruling body. It is amazing to see that Desantis is standing firmly in their way, as we need more to do the same across the country, and the globe. Freedom should always win.  

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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