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Something that we have all known for a long time was finally admitted to during an interview, the Deep State exists. 

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr has made an admission on television that vindicates tens of millions of Americans, finally acknowledging what we all knew. 

Daily wire wrote. During an interview this week, former Attorney General William Barr said he believes the “deep state” exists and is defined by civil servants who pursue partisan political agendas through their positions.

Asked to comment on his first stint as attorney general under then-President George H.W. Bush, who previously ran the CIA, Barr made the remarks during an interview on PBS’ “Firing Line” with host Margaret Hoover.


Donald Trump has recently declared war on the globalist sellouts, and the deep state. 

The 45th President then wasted no time in declaring that his administration had turned the page on globalist sell-outs and one-sided trade deals ”.


The media immediately attacked Trump for using the term “globalists” and called it antisemitic.

New York Times metro writer Liam Stack tweeted, “Trump just used the phrase “globalist sellouts” in his speech announcing his presidential campaign. Here’s a story I did in 2016 about how the term “globalism” has historically been a dog whistle for anti-semites and anti-government conspiracy theorists”

It is truly a fight to get our nation back to the Republic it once was. Politicians that hold the America first agenda in their hearts, are rallying together to kick out the establishment elites and the deep state from every facet of government. We need to help them as they do this, we can all help by being vocal and calling foul when we see things happen that are not in line with a free and fair government. We need to hold our elected officials accountable when they make globalist moves, and let’s bring our country back to what it once was! Trump 2024!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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