OH-NO! Trump REACTS To Devastating Federal Ruling as the Media is Taking A Victory Lap

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It was a long day at the Supreme Court and the outcome wasn’t good for President Trump. In a shocking decision, the court has ruled that House Democrats can receive Trump’s tax returns.

The Hill reports, on Wednesday, former President Trump slammed the Supreme Court for rejecting his emergency appeal.

A multiyear legal battle ended on Tuesday when the court ordered the House Ways and Means Committee to receive the former president’s tax returns.

But we all know that is not a REQUIREMENT to run for the Presidency.

In their request for records, House Democrats argue they need to investigate how the IRS conducts its routine presidential audits. Trump’s attorneys have criticized the request as purely partisan.

Trump responded by slamming the Supreme Court on Truth Social.

According to Trump, the Supreme Court has lost its honor and has become a political body.”

“Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do! It is unprecedented to be handing over Tax Returns, & it creates terrible precedent for future Presidents. Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond. The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price. They refused to even look at the Election Hoax of 2020. Shame on them!”

According to NewsBusters, the Trump antagonist Joe Scarborough is now taking a victory lap. However, if you recall, there was much liberal protest when Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were appointed to the Supreme Court by Donald Trump. It was feared by liberals that those justices would do Donald Trump’s bidding without question.

Joe Scarborough went on Morning Joe today to praise the conservative justices for standing firm for “Madisonian checks and balances.”

Joe’s joy over the conservative Justices may not last long. House Republicans could obtain Biden’s tax returns under the same statute that allowed House Democrats to obtain Trump’s returns. If Biden is indeed “the big guy,” who skimmed Hunter’s profits, what will happen? Did Ol’ Joe declare those ill-gotten gains on his taxes?

In a stunning turn of events, the Supreme Court has ruled that House Democrats can access Donald Trump’s tax returns. This is a major blow to the President, who has fought tooth and nail to keep his financial information private. Trump has decried the decision as “political” and claimed that the Court has lost its honor. But while Trump is seething, one person who is delighted by the ruling is Joe Scarborough. Scarborough, a staunch critic of the President, has long called for Trump to release his tax returns. Now that the returns are likely to be made public, Scarborough sees an opportunity to damage Trump politically. But now House Republicans can obtain Joe Biden’s tax returns under the same statute that allowed House Democrats to obtain Trump’s returns. Let’s see Biden’s returns now! If Trump’s tax returns were able to shed light on potential wrongdoing, surely Biden’s returns will be able to do the same. It’s time to investigate Hunter Biden! Let’s see what kind of deals he was getting from Ukraine and China. And then we can learn just how much 10 percent for the “Big Guy” amounts to. And if there is nothing to hide, then Biden should have no problem releasing his tax returns.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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