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Jake Tapper is drifting back to his extreme leftist viewpoints, and reinforcing the need to not talk about Biden’s list of failures. 

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CNN is abc at it again with allowing such blatant grifting, and encouraging elected officials to do their best in covering up the massive failures of the Biden administration.

Town hall reported. In his interview with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), Tapper emphasized that Jeffries is likely to lead the Democrats in the next Congress, as he emphasized throughout the interview.

During his interview, Jeffries warned against “Republican overreach” and “Republican extremism,” saying the Democrats “will fiercely and vigorously oppose any attempts at this.”

Just as Jeffries has done in the past, he used Sunday’s interview as an attempt to go after those “MAGA Republicans.” This was after Tapper, who had a glimmer of being a fair journalist, pointed out that there may be a point to the oversight investigations House Republicans want to conduct. 


Due to the insane rhetoric coming out of CNN, the network keeps posting massive losses, and is now going into the final stages of complete collapse.

100 percent Fed Up reports, Announcing layoffs as early as December, CNN CEO Chris Licht announced to employees on Tuesday that the network is making cuts in preparation for a potential recession.

According to him, teams that are not essential to the network’s “core mission” are at risk of losing their jobs, but he did not specify which area would see the most loss.

The news has gone international as Sky News Australia even covered the anxiety at CNN.

This news follows our coverage of the woke purge taking palace at CNN where top anti-Trump personalities were recently fired.

In regards to the leftist talking points that CNN anchors and writers are spouting, the people have spoken. Their complete rejection of the network should be a huge indicator that what they are saying and doing does not resonate with the American people. To encourage the likely minority leader in the house to completely defend the failures of the Biden administration is ridiculous, and millions of Americans are suffering because of these same failures. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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