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In today’s video we’re talking about the top Republicans who are hinting towards investigations into Adam Schiff and what that could mean for him. This is huge news and Schiff is starting to panic as the implications begin to sink in. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Adam Schiff, a far-left congressman who has interfered with President Trump on behalf of Democrats, appeared in his safe space at CNN, and announced he would not cooperate with any future Republican investigations into him as he criticized former President Donald Trump.

Trending Politics reports.

Schiff’s comments follow recent comments made by Rep. James Comer about potential investigations CNN’s Dana Bash reiterated Commer’s remarks to which Schiff pivoted immediately to the tired talking points we’ve heard for years full of left-wing buzzwords.

Bash then threw the hand grenade at the end of the interview asking Schiff if he would comply with GOP subpoenas. That’s when Schiff fired back in calm panic saying he’d have to consider their “validity.”

This follows threats by Kevin McCarthy to kick Schiff off the House Intelligence Committee prompting Schiff to respond that McCarthy will simply follow the lead of hard-liners like MArgorie Taylor Greene on ABC’s This Week.

He further indicated that the coming oversight committees would require compliance from the Biden admin echoing his recent remarks regarding the so-called validity of the subpoenas.

Holding Adam Schiff accountable for his lies is long overdue. For too long he has been able to operate in the shadows, peddling disinformation and sowing discord. But now his days are numbered. With the new GOP-led house, he is no longer in a position of power. And the fact that he is questioning the validity of subpoenas indicates that he is in panic mode. It’s time to take him down. To shine a light on his lies and hold him accountable for his actions. He may have gotten away with it for a while, but not anymore. His days are numbered and he will soon be forced to answer for his crimes. Thanks to the newGOP-led house, justice is finally within reach.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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