BUSTED! New Special Counsel’s Ties To George Soros Just Got Exposed – Here’s What you Need To Know

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George Soros has his tentacles in nearly everything related to the downfall of America. From funding State’s Attorney races across the country to funding shadow groups that wreak havoc on the streets. Well now his ties to the newly appointed Special Counsel tasked with investigating Donald Trump have been exposed. We have all the details you need to know. 

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President Biden has appointed Jack Smith as the new Special Counsel to investigate Donald Trump. This is a huge conflict of interest because Jack Smith has financial ties to billionaire George Soros. There are so many blatant conflicts of interest that Jack Smith should not be allowed to participate in the latest Trump witch hunt. Barring him from the investigation would be the only way to ensure that it is fair and impartial. Otherwise, this will just be another political show trial where the outcome is predetermined. The American people deserve better than that. They deserve an honest and unbiased investigation into the alleged wrongdoing of Donald Trump. Anything less would be a travesty of justice… but let’s be clear the whole thing is a travesty of justice.

Senator Ted Cruz pointed out the reason Smith was appointed on his program “THE VERDICT”

Former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily and New York Post writer took to the social network GETTR to break the news detailing the long list of conflicts-of-interest that should preclude Jack Smith from any level of investigation against Former President Trump.

This could get confusing so stay with me here as I connect the dots for you.

The pillow talk in the Smith household I’m sure is quite interesting as these connections largely revolve around Smith’s wife and in-laws.

And any good husband knows that you listen to your wife – if you want a happy life.

First, as we exposed yesterday, the Democrat wife of Special Counsel Jack Smith makes liberal documentaries, including a glowing biography of Michelle Obama, but now according to records her work is funded by George Soros.

Second, his wife’s late mother was also tied directly to Soros as a Senior Justice Fellow at the Open Society Foundation.

Here’s the post Sperry published to GETTR outlining these connections.

The Soros ties are only the beginning. And it’s abundantly clear why Smith was appointed as Special Counsel.

A few days earlier Sperry posted other deep democrat connections Smith has.

According to FEC records Smith’s Sister-in-law donated to Biden’s Victory Fund in 2020 and blogged, following Trump’s 2016 win, comparing his victory to the 9/11 attacks.

These points did not go unnoticed by President Trump. In a post to Truth Social he stated, “And I’m supposed to get a fair shake from this person, who’s under tremendous pressure from his family, but he is actually worse than they are? Can Republicans, and fair-minded people, generally, allow this to happen? Jack Smith is nothing less than a hit man for Obama, his Attorney General Eric Holder, and Andrew Weissmann. Weaponization. Our Country is in big trouble, a real mess!”

Just days ago Trump called him a “highly partisan Trump Hater!” and attached this damning video to Truth Social.

In light of the recent revelations about Jack Smith’s financial ties to George Soros, it is clear that he should be barred from participating in the investigation into Donald Trump. Soros is a controversial figure who is involved in many aspects of America’s downfall, and it is imperative that the investigation into Trump be conducted without any conflicts of interest. Allowing Smith to participate would be a grave mistake, and would only serve to further politicize an already highly charged situation. Americans deserve an honest and unbiased inquiry into the allegations against Trump, and barring Jack Smith from the investigation is the only way to ensure that this happens.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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