YES! Trump NUKES RINO as He Secures a MAJOR 2024 Endorsement

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President Trump is no fan of the RINOs in Washington DC, he’s been battling them for years. Well one RINO neo-con swamp monster just got a taste of Trump’s terror and believe me it was well deserved.

Don’t mess with Trump, especially not a RINO neocon swamp monster like Karl Rove! After declaring his candidacy for 2024, President Trump declared a very clear message to all RINOs: Don’t mess with The Don or you will get the horns. Evidently Rove found out the hard way that sitting atop the GOP power structure doesn’t protect you from a brutal beatdown, as he was essentially trashed by the President on Truth Social. So if any other political elites feel themselves getting too comfy in the DC swamp and believing their own hype: don’t fool around… Don’t mess with Trump.

According to Trump, Rove constantly speaks on Fox News and in the Wall Street Journal despite being “a man with a losing record the likes of which few political operatives would be able to get away with.

“RINO Karl Rove, a man with a losing record the likes of which few political operatives would be able to get away with, including his loss to me in 2016, fights so hard and so stupidly, but is constantly on Fox News and the once great Wall Street Journal, explaining how things should be done – and he doesn’t have a clue. People can’t stand him, a clone of even more unpopular Paul Ryan, who sadly runs Fox News, now on a very bad path. Rove is a DINIER of DINIERS, which makes him a fool. WATCH!”

Pro Trump News notes, he has a history of supporting RINOs over strong conservatives. He hosted a fundraiser for RINO Adam Kinzinger. Additionally, a SuperPAC he is affiliated with sent out an ad supporting Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro, claiming he was not as radical as senator John Fetterman.

While Trump is taking shots at RINOs he just picked up a major endorsement for his 2024 campaign.

Conservative Brief reports, 2024. Veterans For America First has announced that it is supporting Donald Trump for the 47th presidency.
According to a statement from the organization, “Veterans For America First (Veterans For Trump) is proud to announce our endorsement of the greatest President in history: Donald J. Trump for our 47th president. President Trump has been most supportive of our Veterans, Military, and First Responder community.”

Don’t mess with the bull, you get the horns–that’s what Karl Rove, neocon swamp monster and RINO, found out when he got nuked by President Donald J. Trump! The Don sent a clear message to all RINOs: Don’t mess with him. Don’t believe your own hype–maybe now other political elites will take notice! While putting political rivals on blast, Trump secured a major endorsement for his 2024 campaign from Veterans For America First. Endorsements like this one show that Don’t Mess With The Don has become the mantra for any political power players. If you find yourself feeling comfortable in the GOP power structure, be warned: Don’t fool around… Don’t mess with him or you could be in for an even harsher lesson than Rove faced.
Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump announced that he will run for the GOP presidential nomination i

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